One Giant Leap

Cloud Nine

Shortly after Harmonia completes her trial the party comes to face to face with an ancient cloud giant. His name is Sannin, and he reveals to you that without your intervention, this island and it’s inhabitants will continue to shift through planes until it ultimately becomes the new hunting grounds for Grolantor and Malar. After a brief history lesson and answering your questions, you awaken back in your camp to a heavy rain.

What tracks there were had been erased by the rain and bisecting tracks from a herd of wildebeest. Enrahdi employed a bird to scout ahead, but her did not see any giants or gnomes, though he did share that there were centaur in the area. The party presses northward through the rain and as it subsides they make camp for the night. Enrahdi takes first watch and it passes with relative uneventfulness. Harmonia takes watch on the second shift and shortly into the shift a warband of bugbears start making their way toward the camp. She awakens the party and they proceed to hastily don their armor. Making short work of them, they retire back to rest.

In the morning the gang decides to pursue the lead on the centaur encampment. Traveling west for a few hours, you catch up to the herd of wildebeest and spot smoke from a campfire due south. Following the smoke the party quickly finds a nomadic village of centaurs, and are greeted some distance from camp by Fados, the chief’s son.

The group asks for leads on finding the captive gnomes and the giant foe, but Fados bargains for assistance with something in return. Meeting with the chief he asks you to help him eliminate the bugbear threat and in exchange he will offer you some of his hunters for the assault on the giant. An agreement is reached, and the chief puts on a feast in celebration. Afterward Ceturn and Fados invite you to watch over the herd and wait for the bugbears to attack. After a short time on watch the herd stirs and it’s obvious they are being attacked. Three bugbears are clumsily pursuing a wildebeest and the party catches them off guard. Two are quickly dispatched and the party wings the third so that he may be trailed back to camp.



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