One Giant Leap

Does a half-orc shit in the woods?

Session 2 December 13th 2014

Your second day aboard the Valor of Malar was relatively uneventful. Zashier boasted that he was next in line to be first mate after the party downed Bor. He fed you a half portion of hardtack and gave you some water. After he left, Alvyn fed everyone a bit more and snuck through the door to the cargo hold. He returned with some weapons so that you could fight your way out once you made landfall.

On the third day you hear the familiar voice of Zashier arguing with someone else in the cargo hold next to you. It seems that Zashier was skipped over to become the first mate by a crewman by the name of Fodel. Zashier is thrown through the door and falls prone. As he picked himself up off the floor he grabbed the silver rapier from Fodel’s scabbard. The hatch from aboard deck opens and the captain descends the ladder. He grabs Zashier by the collar and throws him across the room… into the barrels that Avlyn and the weapons were stored. Alvyn shrieked as the barrel gave way and your weapons are strewn out across the floor. He uses a spell to levitate a set of thieves tools over to Harmonia and unlocks one of her manacles. Harmonia then takes the tools and systematically frees the rest of the party. Alvyn takes a lot of hits during the battle until, feeling near death, Alvyn ignites the powder kegs in the cargo hold and blows out a side of the ship. A large shockwave erupts from Enrahdi’s fingertips towards two enemies, but unfortunately also catches Alvyn and he goes down. The captain flees and goes up the ladder to the deck. The party wipes out the remaining captors and follows up the ladder.

As Harmonia throws the hatch open a bolt narrowly missed her and struck the hatch. Seeing red she charged the captain but was struck down by an attack from his short sword. Ozran begins channeling purple lightning at the captain and the captain spends most of his energy trying to break his concentration. Throughout the battle the ship continues to take on water and descend into the dark water. Enrahdi lowers the rowboat from the side of the ship and Ryuugah lowers Alvyns limp body into it. Through combined effort the party takes down the captain and boards the rowboat seconds before the deck goes underwater. Ryuugah rows throughout the night and goes down for a short rest at dawn while Enrahdi rows the remaining distance to shore. Orienting yourselves, you catch a glimpse of flotsam stuck between some rocks. You get closer and see that it’s a portion of the wall from the ship and it has a chain attached to it. The group pulls the chain and see that a chest is attached to it. They regain their belongings as well as some new loot.

Alvyn directs the party towards his village and you march northwest half a day before making camp. Ryuugah stops along the way to vigorously defecate. Ryuugah and Enrahdi leave camp to gather food. Enrahdi provides plenty of berries and fruits to eat, and Ryuugah cleaves a chameleon in half and puts it on a stick.



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